Alex Scott- Painter / Photographer

Not too long ago, my pal, Alex Scott completed his first actual series of  oils. He chose a film noir, old Hollywood theme and went for it. I was a bit blown away by the sheer size he went for with each of his paintings.

The wider, more cinematic of the group size at 48″ tall and 113″ wide! Monsters.

Painted in a monotone, photo-realistic manner (he is a photographer as well after all) these make an impressive collection of one of a kind oil paintings.

Check out his Homepage:

His  Blog:


Jim Martin – Concept Artist / 3D Modeler

Allow me to introduce you to my buddy and roommate (cellmate) for the past year over at Dreamworks. Actually, if either of us needs an introduction it would be me- he’s been at this art game for some time. His solid work will undoubtedly speak for that.

He is a double-threat. A talented 3D modeler, who as far as I’m concerned, and from what I’ve seen, can build a model of just about anything. He can also draw and paint your head off. He has an impressive range, from animation to realistic people, environments- exterior concepts to interiors, oh, and by the way, he thrives on tech.

Checkout his Homepage here:

For more current and up to date work check out his Blog:

Jim is a proud family man, a great friend and a wildly talented artist. Not to mention, he is also witty and does some great impersonations. This is just a bonus, but trust me, it really helps getting through the day on the job!