iPhone 4G – photos leaked! – real or fake?

Photographs of the rumored next iPhone or the iPhone 4G are starting to circulate. I had been planning to post what I’d like to see from the next incarnation of the famed phone from Apple. My plan was to take photos of the iPad’s backside and alter them in Photoshop to build a mockup of a new iPhone from them. Looks like I don’t have to now! Here it is the iPhone 4G.

Now, I can’t tell you for sure that these are real. They look real to me tho. Two hitches have me hanging. First off, I’ve read of naysayers using how many holes are in these bodies as evidence of them being fakes. Some have said that there are too many. I count a correct amount of holes: a camera on the back, a volume rocker and silent switch on the side, the 30 pin connector in the center of the bottom, screw holes on the sides of that and lastly, on the outside of the bottom, two more holes, one for the mic and the second for the speakers.

My hangups are a bit different. The first iPhone had a metal body but had a black plastic part on the bottom of the back. This was for radios, to let signals travel to and fro the device without having to fight thru a metal casing. The following models, the 3G and the current 3Gs have one-piece plastic backs. The iPhone has a few radios, one for phone reception and signals, one for Bluetooth and a third for WIFI. The black plastic backs let all of these signals thru without problems.

These new designs appear to me to be aluminum, like the iPad. This would make sense in that Apple has been consolidating the designs of its product lines to be more uniform. I completely approve of this newer design direction. This leaves me wondering about how this new design for the iPhone would allow all of the signals it needs to function properly to get in and out smoothly. Take a look at the two iPad models for example. The WIFI only model has a solid metal back while the WIFI/3G model has a black plastic piece. Behind that plastic section you will find the guts which deal with the 3G signal.

The other sticky part of these photos is simply the fact that Apple is a master of keeping secrets. Look what they did, hid with regards to the iPad for years. In hindsight, we had plenty of rumors and predictions but all we really KNEW was what they wanted us to know.

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